#CountryChristmas Part I

 My Country Christmas in Tennessee...

...and the journey begins!
Craig and I @ LAX 

Yayy! So I have finally loaded pics from my week long #CountryChristmas trip to Tennessee.

After a layover in Vegas, with a three hour delay, we made it to Nashville. From there we drove about 2 hours to his quaint hometown of Clinton. The tallest building may have been five stories and the business district consisted of two buildings.

No matter where I travel there is always a part of my personality that finds comfort in a foreign environment. Overall, Clinton en comparison to LA/NY/DC, is quiet. Where it lacks the hustle of Hollywood and the air of fashion, charm and contentment suffice the character of the city.

Our Heros! #MadeInAmerica
In the airport, after talking to the third troop I finally remembered to take a pic.
Officer Natera, welcome home and thank you!

The Git n' Go
When I lived on the east coast 7-eleven was one of those California jewels, like El Pollo Loco, that I missed. Those moments that remind you of home always help you feel comfortable in new places. That's what the Git n' Go did for me. Plus they were everywhere. I over-snacked!
I satisfied my ice cravings with $0.29 and a 32oz cup. Good crushed ice.
I picked up a grape and green apple Super Bubble just to rouse the memory of walking home from school. They're still extra sugary, juicy, and sweet.

Before I even made it to Tennessee I hit the internet to source some of their local antique/ vintage/ thrift stores. They have lots! It turns out that in Clinton, their "Downtown" happens to be one street, literally, and its lined with antique and vintage shops. 
Unfortunately most of them were closed, so I was only able to nab a few shots on that day. 

If I were a collector of vintage sewing machines Tennessee would be my biggest supplier. Over the course of the seven days I was there I came across so many machines. In great condition as well. The mint green one (pictured right) was adorable. A miniature sized singer for kids. Sweet! Both under $40 bucks.

Just because it was leopard. #AnimalPrintTotallyObsessed

The embroidery on this cap sleeved sheathe dress was so pretty. this pic doesn't do it justice!

Pastel cake plate and serving knife $30
I'd love to dress this white porcelain vase with metallic dusted stems.

Totally Obsessed, xoxo Love