I am conflicted! I am caught between two mighty emotions, GRATITUDE and SADNESS.

This is my first experience of losing someone I shared a life with. I have unfortunately felt the pains of losing great - grand's, and other family members. But never have I felt the heaviness of the passing of an ace, a rode dog, a sis. Lauren, was my "Woday" as most know.

I know she is in Heaven. In my thoughts I often smile and tell her, "You made it, girl!" My gratitude lies in that fact along with witnessing a life she was so proud of. I am grateful she has been rescued from pain. Grateful for her rest. Grateful she knew Christ.

And yet, after knowing that it is better to be in paradise I am still immensely  grieved by missing her. I am equally saddened when I think of her parents and her sister. Or how her nieces now have to learn to process their tender emotions into understanding, not anger.

There is know point, or great epiphany just acknowledging the state of today. Our community of friends are leaning on each other, cherishing memories, and living forward.

We have toasted to each other many many times, here's one in true "Love & Daisy" fashion...

To the baddest bronzer wearing, Beyonce belting, scented candle buying, pink gloss poppin, champagne sipping, thee perfect hoop earring loving, cookie baking, homemade bar-b-cue sauce making, French and Belizean accent speaking, lets throw a themed party for no reason giving, Jay-Z chasing, movie quoting, Lil- Kim loving, Sparkle watching, crew chiefing since we were kids, sun tan chasing beach babe, can't leave without my sunshades and a scarf wearing, my Mutha, my sistah, my woday... Cheers to our hilarious adventures and a life so fabulouslyl lived. I love you, girl! - Lee - Lee