Jesus.Coffee.Naps...My Winning Trio!

Do you love Pinterest? I know I do.  

I found this Tee on my feed and it made me giggle and smile. I can count on Pinterest to come through with an apropro quote or printable to convey my deepest and most current emotion or state of mind.

Give a girl some Jesus,  a cinnamon nutmeg infused acid free coffee, and a long uninterrupted nap and I will be ready take on my world ( well at least for that day, then repeat!) 

Without my winning trio I can't guarantee which part of my personality my husband will lovingky be subjected too. A midday nap eases my zombie-esk mood from "burning the midnight oil". 

I can officially declare myself to be on a coffee diet. My mother says, I like a little coffee in my creamer". Lol. It's true! At least it's acid free and organic, right. 

What's your winning trio? Are there any three little loves that get you through your to do list, pass your snooze button, and hump day's?  Leave a comment I'd love to hear from you?

Are you on Pinterest?

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